This is a fantastic gift book for any SCRABBLE® player.
For playful wordlovers, I recommend BKOO as a mindblowing adaptation of a classic that will lead your brain down a REAL rabbit hole!
— Joe Edley, three-time National Scrabble® Champion and author of Anagrammar

A Bkoo is a bkoo eehrw eht eelrstt fo aceh dorw aehv been deorst aaabcehilllpty. hWy in eht dlorw dlouw aennoy antw ot ader a bkoo?

  1. It's fnu.
  2. It's dgoo for oruy abinr.
  3. It is eht ceerst ot dfgiinn aaagmnrs adn illw ehlp ouy inw in dorw aegms eikl abbcelrS.

ouY illw be aademz by how chmu aeeirs it egst as ouy go no. Dno't orrwy fi ouy egt ckstu -- eht almnor ettx is cddeilnu as ellw. rTy it otu by eeginnrt ettx in eht box no eht ghirt:

ghiRt now, eehrt is lnoy eno Bkoo aaabeillv: "Aceil in addelnnorW" by eiLsw aCllorr. ouY acn buy it below now, adn it dhlosu be cgimno ot Aamnoz any ady.

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